Electronic Drum Set Accessories that Make a Complete Drum Kit

While electronic drum sets may be available in a complex variety, get familiar with the basic big three drums that are compulsory. They are known as the kick, the snare and hi-hat. Like the vital body organs, they create an essential structure for the big bang sound. Drums are particularly known for loud and sweeping statements as compared to guitar sounds and vocals that sometimes get drowned in the frenzy. Yet, there is no mistaking the powerful or gentle drum beats through the sticks and the cymbals, operated through foot pedals and the variety of drums large and small.


Starter drum kits

Get a little more familiar with the big three! The kick drum is easily spotted as the largest of them all that rests on the side in the centre of the drum display. Played with the foot pedal, the deep notes come from the kick drum.

The chief drum is the snare drum that sits on a stand. Installed between the knees, loud sounds emanate.

The two cymbals that sit next to the snare drum are the hi-hat. Either through the foot pedal or with drum sticks, the cymbals clash for scintillating responses.

Electronic drum kits

Passions come and go but if the child or beginner is determined, perhaps best electronic drum set serve the purpose best. They do not require much space and headphones and low volumes will not startle the neighborhood.  Even studios prefer them with the easy sound control and an amazing variety of drum and cymbal sounds. The acoustic drum kit sounds more natural but the electronic advantages are many but are priced higher.


While the entire ensemble of drums and the several other instruments and musicians could be intimidating, get to know what else comprises a drum set? The other drums that create hollow sounds are called tom toms. The bass drum could have a suspended drum or two. The high tom, mid tom and floor tom indicate their positions.


That mesmerizing drumming sound does require the occasional sharp cymbal sound. Starter drum sets would include the two common varieties of cymbals known as the crash and the ride.

Crash cymbals are made in several sizes and comprise the loudest cymbals, placed above the toms. The ride cymbal may be big and placed near the floor tom. In addition, one or two smaller, generic cymbals may be included.

A Throne For The Drummer

Starter drum kits could include a throne and that is important because ordinary chairs would be very high for playing the drums. Even if not included, several are available to suit the budget.

Among Many Additional Accessories

Starting with the little but crucial paraphernalia, drum sticks have labels of numbers and letters. Practice pads enable silent playing of drums at odd hours. Dampening gels for the drum head would improve upon the sound quality.

Get into the spirit of it all and compare drum kits for starters before buying. Budgets usually have the final say and some items may have to be bought separately. Adopt a down to earth approach and avoid getting the head in the clouds.