Hip Hop Tools has been hooking up producers, beat makers, finger drummers, and DJs with music gear since 2003. Our Ecommerce store offers hip hop beatmakers, producers and DJ’s, equipment from top brand names like Akai Professional, Numark and Denon DJ. We’ve got a good selection of DJ equipment, headphones, beatmaking controllers, DJ controllers, drum machines and software controllers. Looking for sample libraries with tons of single drum hits, FX and instruments? We’ve got those, too.

Hip Hop Tools provides unique, value-added product bundles to help urban music makers get all the necessary tools—and then some—to be the best they can be, and make music people will love.

As an online store, our web-based business utilizes several equipment warehouses across North America to get product to customers quickly and efficiently.

With detailed product listings, a knowledgeable staff that’s ready to answer your questions, and bonuses like free extras, free shipping, reward points and monthly deals, Hip Hop Tools is THE place on the web where urban music producers shop for great gear.

Since starting in 2003, Hip Hop Tools has grown over the years to become hip hop music producers’ first choice online when they’re looking to buy great gear at low prices. We care about our customers, and go the extra mile to please them. Read the testimonials from our many satisfied customers to see how we roll.

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